,,,,on front page of paper. Rupert passed away last week at 88. Wow, they show a picture of his home in Silverlake and how he met Anais Nin. I am so happy they gave him some recognition. What a fine human being he was. He was so handsome even at 88 years old. I wrote about that time I visited his home in my manuscript during the Olympics in '84 when my late girlfriend, who playd the violin and viola, took me up to his home to listen to chamber music. Rupert played the viola and violin, too. It was a righteously mystical experience for me that particular day and thereafter. I wanted to recapture or revisit what I had written down from my memory in my writings so long ago about that house, which Anais Nin described in one of her diaries. When I discussed my writing with him, he was so sweet. He gave me one of Nin's books on our last visit.

It was exactly the way I remembered the Silverlake home when I went with a few of my friends and Steve several months ago, the second time. I took lots of pictures of Rupert five months ago and my doggie, and his home. It still was mystical. He never locked his front door and in the back of my mind, I was always concerned, "what if I walked in to his home and found him dead?" He had a stroke the year before. Stupid words, "what if?" But I was on the list kep over his nightstand in his bedroom of visitors that his brother, Eric, knew about. When I get the pictures developed of Rupert and my doggy, Moshe, I will send to his brother. I am sure he would like to have it. I call it "an old man and a dog" not the "old man and the sea." My doggy brought him so much happiness that afternoon on my way home from Chinatown.

I actually met him originally when he was just several years older than me. I am so happy I was able to get to see him again after all these years and especially before he passed away. That was a gift. Rupert;s mother was married to Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr.and his younger brother is Eric Lloyd Wright, also an architect, and hopefully I will be meeting him one day in the not to distant future. His brother designed that house in Silverlake. I guess I am not going to go swimming there this summer.