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Association for the Preservation of the House of Anais Nin

This Petition is also available in French.
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Print this Petition and fill out in ink two copies.
(French law does not recognize a scanned electronic sigature as a binding document.)
Post it first class to the address below and attach any personal comments as well as an acknowledgement to so that we know it's on its way.
If we can get even a few hundred signatures in the next two weeks it's enough to re-open the inquest to protect the house.


Dear Sir,

End of June 1996, the house and grounds at Louveciennes of the French-born American writer Anais Nin will be sold. The developers intend to divide the property into lots for the construction of residential real estate. Our intervention at the Town Hall of Louveciennes has been unsuccessful. Anais Nin lived in this house at 2 bis, rue Montbuisson in Louveciennes from 1930 to 1936. The years at this address mark the start of the writer's literary career. We consider that the loss of the home is nothing less than the destruction of a national and international heritage. Therefore we ask you to promptly intervene in order to interrupt this sale and classify Anais Nin's house as a National Historic Monument.

I,____________________, the undersigned, endorse the above petition and join as a regular member of the Association for the Preservation of the House of Anais Nin.


Signature________________________ Date____________

Kindly post two(2) signed originals to:

Association for the Preservation of the House of Anais Nin
c/o Mme Barbara Ann SAPP
67, rue de la MARE
75020 Paris
tel: 33 (1) 43 58 55 32